Secure your Next Health IT Promotion (make more and have less stress) in as little as 6 Weeks... 
without spending 2 years and a fortune on a Master's degree 
Dear Health IT Professional:

Are you stuck in your current role?

If you want to earn that next promotion, increase your salary, earn the respect of your leadership and learn how to truly leverage your unique personal strengths, then this is the most important message you will read all year!

Here's why...

As healthcare organizations and companies strive to control their labor costs, you need to stand out from your peers. I'm going to help you overcome the seven career traps that hold most people back.

Know What You Want...
Health IT is exploding right now. There's never been a better time to accelerate your career as you focus on:
  • ​Identifying and refining your unique personal strengths. Learn how to turn these into your super power that will get you promotions, more money and more recognition. 
  • ​Focusing your efforts on what you most enjoy means less stress.  When you are in your "zone", everything gets easier.  You feel better, you sleep better and you have new levels of confidence.
  • ​Discovering the insights that will influence your leadership and peers. With the explosion in health IT over the past five years, we have an even greater need for new leaders.  Why not you?
  • ​Drastically increasing your salary.  Quit settling for a 2-3% annual raise.  Imagine getting 10%, 20%, 100% or more in the next year or two.
  • ​Leading, rather than following.  Be at the table for the important decisions rather than the person getting add-on projects thrown over the fence at you.
And Know How to Get It
It's not your fault that departments often don't provide career paths...
- It is natural that some departments "pigeon-hole" their long-term employees and look outside for new talent.  Yet they know that the "best bet" is someone with a long history of loyalty who is bringing new value to the table.  
Have you established yourself as the "best bet" for a new role?
- Remember, people don't get paid for how hard they work - they get paid for how much value they create for the organization. So the pay you get today is the value they see you giving.
Are You Providing Amazing Value?
- Some pursue a 2-year Master's degree, thinking that is the answer - only to discover that in the end, they are in the same role with the same salary.
Learn how I got my Master's degree without 
paying a penny of tuition.
Laying the Foundation 
- Imagine a 6-week program to help you identify your unique, personal strengths... and then how to leverage them to make a quantum leap in your career. 

You will finish this course with new insights, new habits and a plan for success.

This is not about an overnight miracle, but a proven plan for accelerating your career.  Imagine, three years from now, making more money than you can envision today, working in a new role that is fully leveraging your own unique personal strengths.  

For some, you will start seeing new opportunities at work before you even finish the six week course.  
It doesn't matter that you're not where 
you want to be today...
Take a moment and imagine two to three years in the future. What successes would you want for yourself (and your family)?  

Then imagine if you do nothing different...  what would that look like?

It doesn't really matter how much failure or success you've had up to this point in life.  Everything changes once you align your personal strengths and habits with a specific plan to move yourself forward.
Let me discuss how in this video...

Here's how and why I can help you transform your career...
Hi, I'm Dr. Phil Smith, a physician executive, informatician, author, mentor and healthcare consultant.

Over four decades, I've gone from a practicing family physician and early EMR adopter (1993) to automating over 1% of the (>60) hospitals in the U.S. with enterprise electronic health records (EHRs). I've been a hospital administrator (4 years), chief medical information officer (12 years) and independent consultant. I've built high-performance teams, turned around failed initiatives and authored two books.

I serve (since 2017) as a contributor on the national cybersecurity task force (CISA 405(d)) for healthcare with the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services.

I've been an adjunct professor teaching change management, leadership and healthcare operations management at the Master's level. I've mentored people at all levels in our industry who today are in their own leadership roles.

I've committed my career to solve "unsolvable" problems in healthcare and health IT.  Great organizational outcomes are the natural by-product of stellar teams - teams that produce great results through focused individuals... each performing at the top of his or her game. 

I've observed that more information is not what people need to transform their careers. Information is everywhere.
What really matters are the insights that help you focus on doing the right things in the right way... and apply them in your daily routine. This course gives you what you need to unlock your unique strengths and accelerate your career in as little as 6 weeks! I want to help you perform at the top.

Here are testimonials from people just like you who got results:
"Carving diamond from coal..."
"Dr. Smith was extremely interested in helping me grow in my professional as well as personal capacity. He provided vast knowledge and expertise in medical informatics.
He coached us through personal challenges and focused on my personal success. 

I frequently told him that he knows ‘how to carve a diamond out of a piece of coal.’ I believe this is the greatest testimony a student can give his mentor.”

Kshitij “Tij” Saxena, MD, MHSA, CMIO

Photo of Wendy Depass

"Unearthing my value..."

My career has gone from Critical Care nurse to Clinical Informatics Specialist, Physician Trainer to Nursing Manager of a busy surgical center. 
During each of my times in these positions I have had some degree of leadership responsibility, yet never felt like a true “leader”.

After taking this course, the leader within me is emerging and finding her way; This course unearthing the value within myself. Thank you, Dr Smith, for bringing about such positive change in both my personal and professional life.
Wendy Depass - Chicago

Every minute you wait you are losing ground to others who are already advancing their careers and earning higher salaries.
We are Past the "Meaningful Use" Bubble...
 In the decade ending in 2016, health IT opportunities were everywhere. Organizations were spending top dollars to acquire the necessary staff to complete their EHR foundations and meet new payment models. 

Health IT departments are now hiring data scientists, AI experts and those with special skills in emerging technologies. 

These new subject matter experts (SME) have little to no healthcare knowledge. 

Those already in the field now have a unique opportunity to build and lead teams of these SME's. 
Introducing the 
Health IT Personal Accelerator Course
I've mentored dozens of people in health IT. Today they are making more money and contributions to our industry than they ever expected.

They've worked hard.  In fact, they'd been working hard long before I ever met them.  The difference is that they have learned how to work with a purpose...  with what I call "specific intent!"

This course is for those who just haven't found the secrets yet on how to break through whatever holds them back.  I've put these into seven major categories. 

Once you learn about the traps holding you back and know your unique inner strengths, you will accelerate your career and achieve your dreams. 
A Quick Case Study...
At one hospital, I met a young mother who was an excellent EHR analyst at the top of her game. She was frustrated that she was taking night call and rarely participating with leadership meetings. 

I worked with her to define what she wanted and helped her propose a new job description to her boss. Within a few weeks, the organization created a new role, with a raise and no night call. 

The promotion placed her in regular meetings with the senior executives leading a major initiative. She quickly earned their respect and remains an influencer. She just needed the secrets to break out of her analyst role.
The Experience You Need to Achieve that New Role and More Pay

I have dozens of stories like this. I've built teams the Gallup organization recognized as "World Class" Distinction for employee engagement." These secrets work for individuals as well as entire teams. The process is proven... 

The secret is to overcome the career traps..
  • ​You'll discover the solutions for the 7 major career traps that hold people back so you can avoid them.
  • ​You'll learn how to overcome the costly mistakes that others make every day (that keep them in their current role).
  • ​You'll identify and unlock your natural strengths and create your unique edge for accelerating your career faster than you thought possible (for more money and less stress).
  • ​You'll learn how to overcome the "pigeon-holed" effect: staying in a specialized role too long with minimal raises. Instead set yourself up for a role that may not even exist today.
  • ​You'll create your action plan to achieve your goals - whether that's more money, more time with family, leading a team or organization; or just more satisfaction in life.
And Learn How to Provide More Value Than Anyone Else

When you provide more value, you will naturally move yourself up in your organization.  When you do it within the framework of your natural strengths, you find it is a natural process.  That means you accelerate your career while lowering your levels of stress.  
Why do I care? Three reasons stand out:

1. If we are going to solve the big problems in healthcare, we need to grow more leaders. Why shouldn't it be you? 

2. I get great joy helping people discover their hidden strengths and provide insights on how to fully leverage themselves. 

3. I'm excited to see them quickly achieve levels of income and respect that they themselves did not see possible. Most individuals need more encouragement and strategic direction for faster results.
I'd like you to see yourself as a Health IT Hero!
What You Will Gain...
  • ​You wake up each morning energized and focused on success because you have a defined plan to transform your career.
  • ​The thrill of knowing your new insights will lead to new opportunities.
  • You will see your career "leap-frogging" ahead of your peers.
  • ​You'll discover proven techniques to free up non-productive time and invest it into your personal growth.
So Here's the Bottom Line with the 
Health IT Personal Accelerator Course
The course is delivered in 8 modules of pre-recorded (asynchronous) lessons that you can take at your own pace. 

The course helps you uncover your unique strengths and repackage them as your own "super power(s)". In addition, you will learn the secrets to overcoming the 7 major career traps that are holding most people back.

Having taught multiple courses at the Master's level, I designed this course to get you where you want to be, 10 times faster, at 1/10th the cost.  You will finish this course positioned to leapfrog your prior goals. You will understand why it is worth a $4,997 investment. But I'm not charging you that much...

I'm prepared, however, to give you an amazing offer...

Through the end of 2019, I am offering the course at an even bigger discount. Here's what comes in the course:
  • Module 1: Creates your immediate foundation for the course as you watch your initial module and do the assignments to discover your personal strengths that we will develop into your unique super power.  When you identify your specific strengths, you can focus your career to take full advantage of them.
  • Module 2: You will learn the 20-minutes-per-day-habit that will put you in to the top of your game.  This will help your problem-solving skills and creativity. When you are at the top, you have more knowledge and insights that will help you see new areas of interest and contribution to your organization. This will help you provide more value to your organization - and with more value, comes more opportunities.
  • Module 3: How to quickly raise your work capital as you become the most accountable person in your organization.  When your peers see your example, others will notice and respect your growth and successes, rather than resent them. This will help you and your team become more productive and trusted.
  •  Module 4: How to establish your influence at every level of your organization. With more this, you are actually expanding your leadership sphere of influence. This helps you get the notice of other leaders, who will cheer you on. Ultimately this will help you become the "go-to-person" for your senior leaders.
  • Module 5: Take a deep dive with this class on business process modeling. Find new ways to solve problems and improve efficiency. Every organization has areas that need improvement. When you learn to identify these opportunities, they can become special projects and initiatives that will get you noticed and establish you as a contributor to the organization's success.
  • Module 6: Learn the secrets that helped me go from the "forgotten consultant" to the highest producer. Discover the tools that will protect you and your team when the organization is downsizing others.
  • Module 7: Discover the secrets of prioritizing your time to work smarter rather than longer. Have the confidence to better manage daily crises without losing focus on your priorities. This helps you get more done in less time - a definite way to reduce stress.
  • Module 8: Pulls it all together into your specific plan to move forward with new opportunities including significant promotions and raises. As you finish the initial course, you will have new confidence in your ability to create more value this year and accelerate of your career.
Special 2019 Offer 
The entire course is now available online 24/7 on a special members only site. 
In addition we recommend you join our Private Facebook group and attend our monthly live forums (web-conference calls).  Each call will begin with a short topic, followed by ample time to ask questions, share insights and accomplishments and learn from others on their own journey.
I'm taking all the risk by offering you an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee.  So if you find out it's not a good fit, I will gladly refund your money in full.  My only ask will be for you to provide a reason so that I can further refine this program and marketing materials. 
When you do complete the course, I will be asking for you to provide feedback as well as a testimonial on the value for you.
The Health IT Personal Accelerator Course 
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"Learning my super powers..."
The “Health IT Personal Accelerator Course” is an excellent course for anyone wanting to advance their career. 

The lessons in this course are shockingly easy to apply to one’s daily practice. I've personally changed my way of thinking as a result. Additionally, I am now equipped with new tools to help me lead and mentor others. 

I recommend this course to all those who desire to be leaders in their field. The personal growth one receives as a result of these lessons is worth the time and the effort to learn. That growth begins in the first lesson and carries on throughout the program. Take the course and learn all about your own super powers and how you can use them to achieve greatness in your field.

Judi Reed, RN, MSN, MSAHI - Orlando, FL

Let Me Sweeten the Pot for You Even More with these Instant Bonuses for Acting Now..
Bonus #1: "Building Your Personal Capital through External Assessments and Projects."

You'll learn the process I personally used to go from being a new consultant for a major EMR vendor to their top performer in less than 6 months. 

I not only discuss the process but provide my report templates that you can use to add tremendous value both inside and outside of your organization. This will get the attention of your senior leadership and ensure your place on their radar for promotions and raises.

I have consistently used these tools for both one-day and multi-day engagements, earning significant 5-digit fees.

Retail Value:  $800

Measure the Value
The Health IT Personal Accelerator Course       $4,997
Bonus 1: External Assessment Tools                  $   800

                            TOTAL VALUE:                           $5,797
Bonus #2: "Building Your Personal Capital through Internal Projects and Reports."

Since most Health IT departments are cost centers (rather than profit centers), it is important to keep your achievements and those of your team in front of senior leadership. 

This bonus provides you my process and template for staying "top of mind" throughout the year.  This is especially powerful when your department is tightening their budget or under a hiring freeze.  

Retail Value:  $800

Adding the Value
The Health IT Personal Accelerator Course       $4,997
Bonus 1: External Assessment Tools                  $   800
Bonus 2: Internal Value Tools                              $   800

                            TOTAL VALUE:                           $6,597
Bonus #3: Discover your unique "super powers"

 When you purchase my Health IT Personal Accelerator Course right now, you also get instant access to our tools to discover and refine your unique strengths. 

Retail Value: $500
Ultimate Value
The Health IT Personal Accelerator Course       $4,997
Bonus 1: External Assessment Tools                  $   800
Bonus 2: Internal Value Tools                              $   800
Bonus 3: Discover your Super Power                 $   500

                            TOTAL VALUE:                           $7,097
As you can see, the Personal Accelerator Course and these three bonuses have a total value of $7,097... but they're yours when you act now! 
Your Special One-Time Investment is only $697. Don't expect this price to be available next year. 
I'm sure you will agree that the course will exceed you expectations more than any single 3-credit hour class delivers (for $3,000 or more)...

And you have nothing to lose because we have a...
This course delivers:
  • The Health IT Personal Accelerator Course valued at $4,997 with 8 modules that will earn you more money and better roles as you learn the secrets to overcoming the 7 health IT career traps.
  •  Bonus #1 & 2: Building your personal capital through external assessments and internal projects ($1,600 - each a $800 value).  These tools will help you add immediate value to your organization, get the attention of your leadership and open the door for more money and better roles.
  • Bonus #3:  Discover your unique "super power" (a $500 value). This will allow you to understand how to advance your career through strengths that you may not even realize you have today.
  • ​ An exclusive Membership Site with encore recordings of live classes in case you miss one or want to review again. You will get a full year's access to the site.  We are here to support you as you achieve your goals.
  • Private Facebook Group for networking with others in the program and sharing your questions, insights and discoveries.
  • ​Additional monthly online forums to answer your questions after you complete the course to get you on track for advancing your career.
  • Additional bonus lessons and insights available on the member site throughout the year.
This adds up to a value over $7,097. Your investment is only $697.

As you can see, with my 30-day money-back guarantee, all the risk is on us.
Here's How to Reserve Your Spot Right Now...
So go ahead and click the order link now and you'll be on your way to enjoying all the benefits we've talked about here and more! Let's get started right now!
Who this Program is For?
This program specifically provides Health IT professionals in existing roles the insights and tools necessary to provide extraordinary value to their current organization.

This program is for those who are committed to results.  Change is not easy.  You are unlikely to see a major promotion at work in the next 6 weeks (although I've help some get results that quick.). Applying what you learn over this 6-week program will increase your value exponentially - positioning you for new opportunities and salary increases. 

If you are committed to a path for more career success this will empower you to get started with a purpose and a specific plan.

Many examples throughout the course assume some knowledge of healthcare IT.  (However, we have had people outside of health IT benefit from the course.).

If you are looking for a magic wand that will double your salary in the next 6 weeks - you will not find it here.  

To your success,

Phil Smith M.D., M.S., F.A.A.F.P.

P.S. - Every day you wait is another day that you will miss out on the opportunity to transform and advance your health IT career.
Act now to take advantage of this special, no risk offer.

P.P.S. - If you sign up today, you will see two other special offers only available with this promotion at a steeply discounted price.  Both are also included in the 30-day guarantee. That gives you plenty of time to see the changes happening in your health IT career.
Frequently Asked Questions 
Q: I have been an EHR analyst for the past couple of years and I don't see any career path for me.  Should I start looking outside of my organization for new opportunities?

A: While some organizations have not done a great job creating career paths for their analysts, I believe there are always hidden opportunities in every organization.  You already have a track record where you are.  

Why not learn how to create tremendous value in your current position in a way that will set you up for a entirely new role, that may not even exist yet?  Frequently when individuals make lateral moves to new organizations, they typically take 6 months to a year to adjust to the new culture, which slows their career advancement. 

If you already have a great upward move available with another organization, then consider taking it. Especially if it comes with more than a $10,000/yr. raise.
Q: I'm currently in a Master's program.  Should I take this course as well?

A: I'm a big believer that you should focus first on the commitment you have already made.  A Master's program is a huge investment in time and money.  Maximize your learning.  However, many complete their Master's only to find out that there is little change in their paycheck.  

The Health IT Personal Accelerator Course is specifically designed to help you quickly ascend in your career for quick promotions and raises. There is effort involved, but not at the time and money commitment of a Master's.  Once you have your Master's, you will be positioned for even faster growth with this course.
Q: I'm new in a management role.  Will this course help?

A: The Health IT Personal Accelerator Course is designed to dramatically increase your value in your organization in order to quickly advance your career.  Many who have been through this material have used it to build their own "high-performance" teams. You are certain to gain insights that will help you lead and grow the most accountable team in your organization.

I have had entire management and leadership teams benefit from taking the course together.
Q: Are you opposed to Master's degrees?

A: Not in the least.  I have a Master's myself and have taught courses in Healthcare Operations Management, Change Management and Leadership.  I just know that too many people spend way too much on knowledge.

Knowledge today is readily available on the Web for anyone that wants it.  It's rarely, though, the path for rapid career development. Likewise, I have never heard of anyone getting a significant raise because they attended a health IT trade show or conference.  

Many individuals today are lacking mentors who know how to specifically help them pursue personal excellence and advance their careers. It isn't about working longer hours.  It's about gaining the insights that will combine your personal strengths and work ethics to accelerate your personal advancement in health IT.
Q: Should I work for one big career jump, or is it more of a journey?

A: Big career jumps are proceeded with lots of hard work, recognition and political capital.  If you already have that, then go for it.

I find, however, that many people need to discover how to create personal value and political capital.  That takes time.  So many people who begin at the analyst level will need to take some incremental hops on their way to their best opportunity.  

This allows the individual to build confidence and trust. However, with a road map in mind, you may be looking at 2-3 promotions over 2-5 years in order to get where you want to be... especially if you are wanting to double, triple or quadruple your current pay.
Q: What should I expect during the course?

A: At about Module 4 you will start to see that you are applying new principles and techniques and seeing some results from your efforts.  By Module 8 you should feel confident that you know what you want and have a plan to achieve it.  

You will want to stay connected to the community through the online forums and private Facebook group for accountability and feedback.  Once you get your first promotion, then reset your goals for your next level of achievement.  And you will want to take advantage of new tools that we will add to the Membership site as the community grows.
Q: What are your goals for this course?

A: I love the passion of people in Health IT. I believe that most of us enter the field to really make a personal difference.  That is why I like to talk about increasing efficiency, effectiveness and improving patient safety.  We get there through our daily habits.

We have some really big challenges in healthcare, and we cannot solve it alone.  I believe each individual has unique strengths and abilities.  

I've committed to help 1,000 - 2,500 in our field (of 250,000 health IT professionals) get to the "top of their game."  Since I've automated over 1% of the hospitals in America, I feel like I should help 1% in our field maximize their individual potential. 

I have a screen saver on my smartphone for everyone in the course.  It is our brief manifesto for "Health IT Heroes

"I'm a Health IT Hero.  My daily habits contribute to my team to build safer, more efficient and effective systems for healthcare. 
I'm just one habit away..."
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  • ​Already working toward your Dream Job, but want it sooner?
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  • ​Been in your Current Role Too Long?
  • No Longer Being Challenged, but Don't Know the Next Steps?
  • ​Striving for a Management role?
  • ​Preparing for a Leadership position (director and up)?
There's a no better time to get started...
Disclaimer:  The Health IT Personal Accelerator Course is designed for people either in health IT or contemplating a role in the field.  If you are dissatisfied with the course, the participant can email me at anytime within the 30-day period commencing with date of payment and receive a complete refund. Results will vary as individuals apply this content to their personal situation.
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